About the NELCDC Housing & Credit Counseling Program

The NELCDC became a HUD-approved housing counseling agency in 2005.  The NELCDC serves a 60-county region in west Texas.  Since then we’ve facilitated more than 160 first-time homebuyers in Lubbock and throughout the west Texas region.


As of 2017, the NELCDC has three staff members certified in homeownership counseling and homeownership education.


The NELCDC provides the following services:

  1. Monthly group education
  2. One-on-One housing and credit counseling
  3. Remote counseling (via phone, Skype, and via a 3-hour online training module)


*All NELCDC services are currently free to the public.



Counseling Services

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Foreclosure Prevention

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Monthly group education

Classes are taught monthly.  A certificate of completion is provided upon the completion of one of the 6-8 hour in-person courses.


One-on-One housing and credit counseling

Once clients complete the homebuyer education class, you may become a counseling client.  During counseling sessions with a certified counselor, clients will develop an action plan, a budget, and receive credit counseling.  All counseling services will be structured to meet each clients’ needs.  If you seek to become a homeowner, education following by counseling is highly recommended.


Remote counseling (via phone, Skype, and via a 3-hour online training module)

Do you need a 3-hour fast-track counseling course to satisfy a lender’s requirements?  The NELCDC’s online course is just for you!  The 2 ½ hour online course takes each student though a timed, presentation based upon the building wealth booklet and other materials.  All students are required to submit paperwork, a budget, and spend at least 30 mins with an NELCDC counselor before a certificate of completion may be provided.


*All NELCDC services are currently free to all clients.

All counseling services require the completion of paperwork.  The following forms may be downloaded and completed before a meeting, class, or training to speed-up the paperwork portion of the counseling process.



*Note: all intake forms contain an authorization and consent statement allowing the NELCDC to pull a client’s credit.




Other Forms and Supporting Documentation



Legal Aid of Northwest Texas Foreclosure Hotline




Transformance (Amarillo Office)





1619 S. Kentucky Ste. A-506

Amarillo, TX 79102-2239


Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

Tips to Avoid Foreclosure-Spanish


Making Home Affordable Program-Request for Mortgage Assistance The “Making Home Affordable” program ended in December 2016 but is still referred to by HUD.  New training material has advised all counselors to encourage clients seeking foreclosure loss mitigation counseling to seek out the mortgage assistance that is provided by each individual’s mortgage lender.  The standard Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) form is no longer being used.  Questions?  Please call the NELCDC at (806) 747-5937